Opera Ball is an ample artistic polyvalent manifestation and an imporant cultural event with tradition in Cluj-Napoca. This year, Opera Ball celebrates 20 years from its firs edition in 1992.

In a millenary stroghold with european tradition, with a secular university town with international prestige, we propose a gale dedicated to value and perpetuation of a select perimeter which affords the appointment of the important figures from Cluj, the economic, cultural and political life elite, whose adjoint effort will lead to the health, development and excellence in education, culture, art and civilization.

Due to the pass of time and the amount of wear in which The Romanian Opera from Cluj-Napoca belonged in 1992, with the initiative of Mikotronic sustained by a group of other societies from Cluj, was born Opera Ball, ample artistic manifestation, a charity and fundraising spectacle for the most important romanian lyric scene from Transilvania.

The historic building was built a century ago, the headquarters for the two cultural institutions National Theatre „Lucian Blaga” and Romanian National Opera from Cluj-Napoca is a symbol of our town. Generations of people living in Cluj were delighted and educated by the performance of great artists who performed on the scene of this monumental art and culture institution.

Organized by the Mikotronic Group in alliance with the Romanian National Opera from Cluj-Napoca, the Opera Ball had aside during the years parteners such as the District Council Cluj, the Local Council Cluj, the Town Hall Cluj, Prefecture Cluj and a big number of sponsors, parteners and co-workes whom we offer thanks.

During the time, the manifestation facilitated the appointment of people from Cluj with local, regional and national political leaders, mayors, praefects, presidents of District Councils, diplomats, representatives, senators, ministers, economic life elites and great cultural artistic figures: Florin Piersic, maestrul Marin Constantin and Corul Madrigal, maestrul Petre Sbârcea, maestrul Gheorghe Zamfir, Tudor Gheorghe, Dorel Vişan, Ricky Dandel, Corina Chiriac, Horia Brenciu, Dan Negru, Gabriel Cotabiţă, Melania Medeleanu, Monica Columbeanu, Anca Ţurcaşiu, Alexandru Tomescu, Toma Popovici, Irvin Doomes, Mihaela Rădulescu, Dumitru Fărcaş, Hector Lopez, Constantin Trofin, Ovidiu Uscat, Ramona Porumb, Angelica Nicoară, Flavius and Linda Teodosiu, Deborah Woodson, Ron White, Laurenţiu Cazan, Paula Seling, Dance ensemble Codreanca, 3 Sud Est, Corul Junior VIP, Divertis, Cabaret de Paris, Vasile Pop, Radu Maier, Nicolae Maniu, Doina Levintza, Irina Schrotter, Catinca Roman, Cătălin Botezatu, Lisa Panait, Rita Onişca Mureşan, Mihai Albu, Julia Kontogruni, Alina Botea, Cristian Samfira, Zina Dumitrescu, Dorin Negrău, Aura Dumitru, Laurent Tourette, Mirela Vescan, Marian Darta, Mia Poruţiu.